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RA Charts Oktober – November 2016 – Vinyl Edition

Autumnal Vinyl Collection. Playlist or charts are the modern kind of mix tapes with your favorite music. That’s my vinyl favorites.

RA Vinyl Charts August – September 2016

Hammer Summer Vinyl Collection. Playlist or Charts are the new Mix Tape of your favorite Music. That’s my Vinyl Mix Tape.

RA Charts July 2016
1. Christian Wunsch 15 Years Innocence (Lewis Fautzi Remix) Tsunami 2. Doka Porder (TWR72 Remix) FORMAT Records FR008 3. Coeter
2016 June RA charts
RA Charts June 2016

Summer soundtrack is sorted in my bag. Vinyl Top10 with: drumcell / Myk Derill / CLR / Thomas Hoffknecht /Christian Wünsch / Dax J / Mutewax …

RA Charts May 2016
RA Charts May 2016
Full RA Charts May 2016 DJ T.A.G. RA Profile More Updates
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