RELEASED: 18.03.2015
ARTIST: Harmond Age, Sebastien Picker, T.A.G., Ascon Bates
LABEL: Solid Rush
Underground Techno Music | Solid Rush 019

Solid Rush 019

A1: Harmond Age – Dope
A2: Sebastien Picker – When Machines Cry
B1: Dj T.a.g. – Black Control
B2: Ascon Bates – Out Of My Bones

The new SolidRush comes along with four straight pumping technotrax by Dj T.A.G. (Tresor), Ascon Bates (Credo), Harmond Age (9Volt-Musik) and Picker (HouseAndOtherDrugs).

Limited Edition and only 200 copies on VINYL. Even if you’ll play this track, it’s setting a statement of vinyl sound only.

Early support by some real big global playaz !!!

wakkler 005b

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