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RELEASED: 26.05.2015
ARTIST: T.A.G. | Ukt Apa | Thomas Schneider | Ascon Bates
LABEL: Uktura
Drumble by DJ T.A.G.

Stufe 2 EP by Uktura with Drumble

stands for striking basslines with extraordinary industrial and moody sound.

You will be paralised by UKT APA´s powerful, dirty and crackling vinyl disc sound. His tracks will overflow you with distinctively dynamic and structure. Check Out!

DJ T.A.G (Club Tresor Berlin, Germany) proudly presents his impressive Track “Droumble” which gives the greeves by hearing and enjoing it. With an apeal to start moving people on the dancefloor, Thomas Schneider with his track CBF drives the point home.

Ascon Bates mesmerize people with his hypnotic and progressive sound. Of cause, he gives the feeling, that the party night never ends.

Limited Edition, only Vinyl copies available.

Interpreten Various Artist:
Ukt Apa | Dj T.a.g. | Thomas Schneider | Ascon Bates

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