DATE: 30.10.2015
TIME: 23:55
LOCATION: Köpenicker Strasse 70, 10179 Berlin DE
Tresor Klubnacht 30.10.2015

Jon Hester got his start in the midwest US, living in Chicago, Minneapolis, and connecting with Detroit. He took to the decks in 1999, going on to work in a record shop, manage his own events, and hold residencies that developed his sound. Based in Berlin since 2010, he put out well-received releases on his EDEC label, and a track on the New York/Berlin based L.A.G. imprint. Jon Hester has been selected as an international resident DJ for Les Enfants Terribles in Amsterdam. His DJ sets are built on physical rhythms and adventurous programming, effortlessly combining diverse varieties of techno and house. A fantastic match on the Tresor decks: Cari Lekebusch. A headliner guest at the most famous clubs and festivals on the earth, he is a key ambassador in exporting the techno beats that proliferated from his homeland, a term which was then aptly coined by many as ‘Swedish Techno’. The impressive repertoire on his own H-Productions label has become a mainstay of the genre, permeating into the crates of the global electronic music community. Alongside his Swedish commrades like Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Alexi Delano and Jesper Dahlbäck, Cari Lekebusch represents innovation and quality, a career as sound architect peppered with the finest of techno visions. Our crunching resident T.A.G. provides extra techno heat.

Tresor Klubnacht

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  1. Diablita says:

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  2. Melisa Zepp says:

    You have brought up a very wonderful details, thankyou for the post.

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